Tuesday, September 15, 2015

New from Hasbro! Star Wars: Furbacca!

Coming Soon!
Star Wars: Furby: Furbacca
$79.99 SRP

Hasbro is bringing Furby to the world of Star Wars with this Furbacca figure!

Furbacca has the ability to hum the “Star Wars” theme, and interact with users through built-in sensors and an app - designed for Apple and Android phones and tablets - that will let owners feed, pet and play games with the toy.

LCD screens built into the eyes also display images of Imperial Star Destroyers and X-Wing Fighters!

This Furbacca figure takes kids into a Star Wars themed digital world via their mobile device as they explore the galaxy and collect virtual Star Wars Furby Furblings. So explore and have fun kids, and may the force be with you!

Ages 6+

1 Furbacca
1 Bandolier accessory

Does not included four 1.5V AA alkaline batteries which are required.

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