Monday, September 14, 2015

New from Brotherwise Games! Boss Monster 2: The Next Level Limited Edition, Boss Monster 2 Play Mat and Paper and Pixels Promo!

Coming in November!
For every copy of Boss Monster 2 (standard or Limited Edition) ordered between September 28th and November 6th,
receive one FREE Paper and Pixels Promo!

Available while supplies last 
so contact your ACD affiliated game store to order now!
Boss Monster 2: The Next Level Limited Edition
$32.95 SRP

For the 2015 holiday season, Brotherwise Games is releasing the Limited Edition version of Boss Monster 2 that was previously available only to Kickstarter backers and at conventions!

The original Boss Monster challenged players to become the ultimate villains: videogame-style Bosses. Boss Monster 2 builds on the original game with 160 all new cards, playable as a standalone game or as an expansion to the core set!

The Limited Edition has everything that’s included in the standard edition of Boss Monster 2, plus a beautiful alternate art box sleeve, 14 holofoil versions of the game’s Bosses and an alternate art Epic Hero. Included is Mirrax, the Silver Queen, a Holofoil - only boss not included in the standard edition.

Available while supplies last!

2-4 players
Ages 13+
30 minute play time

160 full-color cards
1 Quickstart sheet
One 24-page rule book
1 Limited edition box sleeve

Boss Monster 2: Paper and Pixels Promo

Brotherwise Games will be offering one free copy of the Boss Monster: Paper and Pixels Pack for every copy of Boss Monster 2 (standard edition or Limited Edition) ordered from September 28th to November 6th.

The Paper and Pixels pack is a set of 14 cards based on cards created for the Boss Monster Digital App. Players will now be able to bring the digital game to their tabletop with new dice and token driven mechanics.

The Paper and Pixels pack was previously available only to backers of Brotherwise Games’ Digital Boss Monster campaign.

Available while supplies last!

Boss Monster 2: The Play Mat
$19.95 SRP

This gorgeous full-color foam play mat is inspired by the overworlds and dungeons of classic video games and and is optimized for two player games. It comes packed in a sturdy 15 inch plastic tube with hang-tabbed stopper for easy display.

One 4-color foam play mat, 24.25 x 14.25 inches approximately

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