Friday, August 1, 2014

New Role-playing products for August!

Coming in August!
Interface Zero 2.0: Full Metal Cyberpunk (Savage Worlds)
$59.99 SRP

In a not-so-distant future, the world has been ravaged by global warming, subjected to the horrors of nuclear war and natural disaster, witnessed the collapse of the mightiest nation in the history of the world, and the rise of other nations to take its place. In East Asia, the Bear and the Dragon battle for control of the resource-rich continent, and an emergent A.I. known only as Charon has destabilized the whole of Europe, sparking revolution and chaos not seen since the Second World War.

On the North American continent, the prospect of conflict once again rears its ugly head as terrorist bombings in Atlantica, bring the nation to the brink of war with the North American Coalition. Is this the work of Charon, as well, or are other forces moving behind the scenes? Only time will tell.

Science has hacked the genome, unlocking the secrets of DNA to facilitate the creation of new breeds of human; genetic hybrids, human 2.0, and even simulacrum- a slave race grown in amniotic vats and sold on the open market. Cybernetic technology has reached the point where those with the money and the will to do so, can become living machines. Computer science has grown by leaps and bounds as well.

Dubbed Interface Zero by those who created it, the Tendril Access Processor-or TAP-downloads the Global DataNet and Hyper Reality directly into the minds of billions of users across the solar system, bringing the world an unparalleled level of interconnectivity, and danger. Malware plagues the Deep, and hackers manipulate the Tendril Access Processor to upload malicious virii, steal secrets, and even the identities of the unwary. This is the world in 2090, omae; let’s hope you survive it.

Interface Zero 2.0 is a cyberpunk game powered by the Savage Worlds game system. Play bioroids, full-metal cyborgs, vat-grown simulacra, genetic hybrids, Human 2.0, and even androids! Hack the world around you with our revised hacking rules, or take control of a drone and lay down some fire-support for your team! Get cybered with new cybernetics using our Fast Furious and Fun rules!

Ironclaw: Book of Adventures
$29.95 SRP

Will the death threats against the Marchesa Bombolona prevent her new opera? What did Lord Pascaline discover, and why was he killed? What happened to Miranda Devoisier after her ship crashed on the storm-tossed coast?  What is to happen to the meddlesome priest who challenges the Church authorities? Are the Bisclavret on the brink of civil war?  All these adventures and more await our heroes in the Book of Adventures!

This book includes six full adventures; some are classics that have been re-mastered for the new Ironclaw: Squaring the Circle edition, others are all new material.   

-The Lost Heir of the Rinaldi
- Martyr of the Catacombs
- The Rescue of Miranda Devoisier
- A Crisis of Faith
- The Wolves in Winter
- The Wages of Envy

Qalidar: Resistance
$9.99 SRP

The horned shadows of towers that were never built have clawed their way across reality in ever more aberrant shapes. While the treptyls pull strings from behind their corporate masks, Qalidar continues to seep through the space-time flaws they recklessly exploit. The skulking Indrids warn us to avert our eyes and stop our ears against the echoes of the cataclysm, lest its image in our minds conjure a more thorough apocalypse. Meanwhile, whether by the cruel experiments of the insectoid dobbers or the compulsive ritual construction work of the cyborg custodians, our minds and our world are being quietly made over in the image of something else.  

But there are those who can hear the whisper under the Storm, whose travels have taken them far enough outside the tapestry of the Synarchs that they can see the pattern for what it is. They can step into the secret places where the oligarchs spin their webs, and they can cover the wells through which the substance of Qalidar bubbles into the daylight of the world. Some are soldiers in a larger rebellion and some are solitary explorers, but one word unites them all: Resistance.  

Will you join them, or will you surrender to the sprawling shadow of Qalidar?

Explore the multiverse of Qalidar, a crumbling cosmos full of nightmares and conspiracies. This fast, d20-based role-playing game contains a complete scenario, pre-generated characters, and all the rules you need to play the game up to fifth level.

In addition to the quick start materials, this book contains character creation rules, information on traveling through the Storm and exploring the Spiral, and even more aliens and creatures.

72 pages

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