Friday, June 13, 2014

New from Hasbro! Guardians of the Galaxy Products!

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GOTG: Epic Battles 2-pack Assorted
$5.99 SRP*

Collect your favorite Guardians of the Galaxy figures from the movie with these figure 2-pack items!

Each item includes 2 figures, projectile launcher, projectile, and accessories that let you customize your figures. As part of the mini-figure system, all figures will fit in the vehicles from Pursuit Spacecraft Assortment and the Milano Starship.

Sold as case pack of 12 with an assortment of 5 figures.

GOTG: Pursuit Spacecraft Assorted
$14.99 SRP*

Now you can bring the space battles to your home with these movie-styled spacecraft. Each ship has a dramatic reveal as wings move to convert to a different flight mode. As part of the mini-figure system, figures from the 2-pack and the Milano will also fit in the cockpit of these vehicles.

Comes with 2.5” action figure pilot and accessory.

Sold as case pack of 3 with an assortment of 3 vehicles.

GOTG: Infinite Series 6” Legends Assorted
$19.99 SRP*

The Legends line comes to the Guardians of the Galaxy brand, with 6-inch scale figures featuring extensive articulation and high-quality deco. Both movie and comic style characters are included in the assortment. Collect them all to assemble the big Groot Build-A-Figure!

Sold as a case of 8 with an assortment of 6 figures available.

GOTG: Galactic Battlers Assorted
$9.99 SRP*

The Galactic Battlers assortment combines movie deco and styling with an amazing reveal feature. With the squeeze of a leg, the figures activate their signature battle move!

Sold as a case of 6 with an assortment of 5 figures available.

GOTG: Big Blastin’ Rocket Raccoon
$29.99 SRP

Watch the movie’s most entertaining wisecracking breakout character, Rocket Racoon, come to life in this electronic figure! Activate Rocket and interact as he issues commands or take direct control and choose your battle sound effects.

Requires 3 AA batteries (included).
GOTG: 12” Titan Hero Figure Assorted
$9.99 SRP

The popular Titan Hero figures have come to the Guardians of the Galaxy! Each figure sports five points of articulation, movie deco styling, and accessory.

Sold as a case of 8 with an assortment of 2 figures available (Star-Lord & Rocket Raccoon).

GOTG: Battle FX Star-Lord
$19.99 SRP

Get ready for a galactic adventure with the Battle FX Star-Lord! Featuring sound effects, phrases, movie-inspired music, and several removable accessories, this Star-Lord figure lets you re-imagine the movie action in your home!

Requires 2 AAA batteries (included).

GOTG: Star-Lord’s Battle Gear
$14.99 SRP

Get Star Lord’s signature mask and mini-blaster in one package and prepare for action!

Includes both a movie-styled mask, NERF-powered blaster, and two NERF darts.

GOTG: Rocket Raccoon Action Mask
$19.99 SRP

Be like Rocket Raccoon with this fun and innovative mask!

Put on the mask and control Rocket’s jaw when you open and close your mouth - his eyebrows and ears move in sync!
GOTG:  Star-Lord Quad Blaster
$19.99 SRP

Grab a hold of this NERF-powered version of Star-Lord’s Signature Blaster! Fire up to two NERF darts at the same time, then activate another feature to reveal two more dart launchers.

Includes 4 NERF darts.
GOTG: Milano Starship
$24.99 SRP

Recreate all the space battle action with Star-Lord’s ship, the Milano! Include Star-Lord and Rocket Raccoon figures as well as accessories.

The vehicle features 2 projectile launchers, lights, sounds, and adjustable wings. As part of the mini-figure system, all the figures from the figure 2-packs and other spacecraft will also fit in the Milano.

Requires 2 AA batteries (NOT included).

*Assortment SRP is priced for each individual packaged product.

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