Saturday, June 7, 2014

New from The Army Painter and Cool Mini or Not! Zombicide Paint Sets!

Coming in August!
Warpaints: Zombicide Core Paint Set
$29.99 SRP

Contains 10 paints and 1 brush for the Zombicide Core Zombie Set! Perfect for any zombie set, these paints will bring your miniatures to Un-life!

1 x Zombie Shader
1 x Glistening Blood
1 x Crusted Sore
1 x Dirt Spatter
1 x Brainmatter Beige
1 x Zombie Skin

1 x Filthy Suit
1 x Dead Black
1 x Wasted Jeans
1 x Mouldy Clothes
1 x Hobby Highlighting Brush

Warpaints: Zombicide Toxic-Prison Set
$17.99 SRP

The paint set expansion for Zombicide: Prison Outbreak and Toxic City Mall. Designed to complement the Zombicide Core Paint Set (AMYWP8007). In the final days of mankind, there can be only one paintset…

1 x Boney Spikes
1 x Toxic Boils
1 x Toxic Shader
1 x Prison Jumpsuit
1 x Jumpsuit Shader
1 x Scaly Hide

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