Tuesday, February 25, 2014

New from Twilight Creations! Zombies!!!: Deadtime Stories!

Coming in March!
Zombies!!!: Deadtime Stories
$19.99 SRP

The zombie apocalypse creeps across the world like a cancer, gutting cities and driving survivors to find refuge beyond areas of previously dense population. This struggle is seen everywhere, but it’s not the whole story. Who are these survivors, and why do they fight to survive?

Zombies!!!: Deadtime Stories is a collection of storyline scenarios for the award-winning Zombies!!! board game. Players can take on specific roles, each with their own special quirks and abilities, and they strive to accomplish things beyond just getting out of the area alive. They gain experience over time, growing as heroes of the post-human world.

160 page Scenario book including:

9 fan-submitted scenarios (including co-op and solo scenarios)
2 campaigns
Rules for combining sets and games
FAQ and clarifications
10 Character cards
24 Experience cards
30 scenario-specific cards
3 Zombie stat cards

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