Monday, December 3, 2012

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$ 39.95 SRP

Prepare to colonize the Chinese hinterland as you found provinces and absorb remote villages into your empire. During your expansion build magnificent pagodas as a sign of your authority. The first to build all his pagodas wins the game. But beware—the other players can conquer your provinces and villages, tearing down and replacing your pagodas. Plan your expansion wisely, conquer foreign provinces and establish the glorious Qin Dynasty by building your last pagoda! Simple rules make Qin a tactical treat for the whole family. Due to its quick playing time and two different game boards you’ll want to play again right away!

$ 15.95 SRP

The reactive interplay between the magnets is what gives the game its spark. Strategies unfold and develop in reaction to the patterns on the table. Attraction™ is a fun and challenging game, where a mix of skill and luck plus the strong force of the magnets produces exciting and unexpected twists. 25 Magnets, rules & black drawstring bag

Hey Froggy!
$ 15.95 SRP

The frogs have gathered for a race at the old watering hole! But with limited lilypads and plenty of frogs, they tend to pile up on top of each other. To reach the finish line, you need to move the right frogs to the top of the piles to match your cards. The more you match, the farther you jump! Eat flies to get more chances to jump. First across the finish line wins!

$ 29.95 SRP

Buy your own stable of horses and race them at various courses. Bet on horses to win, place, or show and collect big race purses when your horse wins! Over 20 unique track cards are included so every game will be different. Luck and skill in picking the winning horses can bring you riches. Homestretch is a fast-paced family game that will have you shouting for your horse to make it across the finish line!

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