Monday, July 27, 2020

Last Aurora releases—New from Pendragon Game Studio!

Release Date: August 2020

Last Aurora

$49.90 SRP
$26.20 NPI

Last Aurora is a competitive postapocalyptic board game for 1-4 players set after a war that has transformed the world in a frozen, desolate wasteland. Every player becomes a leader of a survivors' crew trying to reach the last icebreaker ship Aurora, facing several challenges in their journey. Each player has to manage his crew to gather resources, recruit survivors, improve his vehicle, and fight his enemies as he races to reach the ship before it's too late!

In a great mix of game styles, players will be forced to make difficult ethical choices, overcome obstacles, fight unique and fearsome enemies, and manage their resources during their movement across this frozen land. The game is structured in 6 rounds, sub-divided into 5 phases. Every player has a board to manage his convoy and resources, combining his truck and devices, managing the survivors available to take actions and make them recover from their efforts.

1-4 players
Ages 14+
90+ minute play time

  • 1 Double-sided road board
  • 4 Player boards
  • 1 Automa convoy board
  • 117 cards
  • 82 counters
  • 65 wooden tokens

Last Aurora: Project Athena

$29.90 SRP
$15.70 NPI

Project Athena is the first expansion of Last Aurora. The Project Athena, the first sentient artificial intelligence, decided to rebel against her creators activating the nuclear missile launch sequence, that led to the complete devastation of the planet, triggering the glaciation that today afflicts the few survivors. Players have lost the Aurora and have to cross a new map fighting with Athena, the A.I. which destroyed the planet.

The game introduces new cards and mechanics: a new type of survivor, the Android; a new type of enemy, the Automatic turret; a new amazing resource, the Nuclear battery, which allows to activate unique power on convoy cards; the Energy Weapons, that work as the standard ones, but consume one Fully-charged battery instead of an Ammo to fire; the Alert mechanic, which represents the attention each player has from Athena's Armies, which influence many aspects of the game.

  • 1 Road board
  • 20 Exploration cards
  • 2 Object cards
  • 6 Enemy cards
  • 6 Loot cards
  • 3 Alert Scan cards
  • 4 Alert counters
  • 5 Automatic Turret counters
  • 10 Nuclear Battery counters

Order by Date: August 14, 2020
Release Date: September 2020

Last Aurora Plastic Miniatures

$24.99 SRP
$13.12 NPI

Last Aurora Plastic Miniatures is a miniature expansion for Last Aurora, the competitive post-apocalyptic game for 2-4 players set in a frozen, desolate wasteland.

This box contains 81 plastic colored tokens to enhance your game experience with Last Aurora, allowing the players to replace the wood and carton components with plastic miniatures, making it even more rich.

Previously only available in the Kickstarter version of the game, these plastic miniatures are now available for all the players.

All these components are part of the games, and with these deluxe plastic versions players can enjoy even more this boardgame, facing and surviving all the challenges the game proposes them to reach the final goal!

  • 8 plastic trucks in 4 colors
  • 32 plastic survivors in 4 colors
  • 1 plastic Aurora token
  • 10 plastic food tokens
  • 14 plastic fuel tokens
  • 10 plastic ammo tokens
  • 6 plastic crate tokens

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