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New March & April releases from Modiphius!

Order by Date: March 1, 2020
Release Date: March 2020

Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition - The Fall of London

$49.99 SRP

London 2012. Mithras, god among vampires, returns from diablerie at the fangs of Montgomery Coven. The Heralds of the Sun awaken from torpor unable to remember who they are, but driven to seek five artifacts to restore their master to his full glory. The Second Inquisition rises to burn London’s Kindred to ashes. The characters find themselves embroiled in history as it unfolds. Their actions might see a god return, or cast him down to the darkness from whence he came. London burns under Operation Antigen, one of the earliest and most devastating attacks of the Second Inquisition. All the while they slowly uncover the shards of their own identities. What legacy do they leave?

The Fall of London includes:
  • A sprawling chronicle covering 6 large chapters
  • 6 different endings tailored to the coterie’s choices
  • 5 pregenerated characters as the Heralds of the Sun
  • 6 new Loresheets, including one for secret diablerists
  • Statistics for 7 venerable elders, including Mithras and Queen Anne
  • A detailed description of London, to facilitate additional chronicles before the Fall
  • An epilogue to use for chronicles set after the Fall


$49.99 SRP

Remember Your Past. Secure Your Future. Nibiru is a Science Fiction Roleplaying Game of Lost Memories. Players take on the role of Vagabonds: amnesiacs lost in a massive space station, home to millions, where stories of drama and struggle are written on a daily basis.

The Nibiru Corebook features everything you need to play the game:
  • An introduction to the Skyless World, and to human history on the third Flicker.
  • Three fully detailed chapters with sample settlements and maps, for the known regions of Antumbra, Penumbra and Umbra, and featuring a large foldable insert to track your journeys across the Skyless World.
  • The innovative MEMOs System, which builds your character as you unearth and write their lost Memories, rewarding your creativity.
  • Revelations give extra dimensions to your writing. From rewarding you for writing in rhyme or creating expansive story arcs, to concocting poisons made of your worst memories and "storing" moments of your past into objects, Revelations take the MEMOs System to a whole other level.
  • A deep and detailed bestiary of creatures and AIs to populate the Skyless World with, full of interesting details and engaging storyhooks.
  • An origin story for your group to start off right from the get go, serving as an introduction to the weird world of Nibiru.

Rangers of Shadow Deep: Deluxe Retail Edition

$45.00 SRP

Rangers of Shadow Deep is a solo and co-operative tabletop miniatures game, in which players create their ranger, gather companions, and play through a series of missions in their fight to hold back the darkness. If their rangers survive, they will grow in power and ability, and be sent on more difficult, dangerous and intricate assignments.

  • Presented in an elegant Faux Leather Forest Green Cover with an embossed stamped logo
  • Solo and co-operative tabletop miniatures game from the creator of Frostgrave and Ghost Archipelago Joseph A. McCullough
  • Create your ranger, gather companions, and play through a series of missions in a fight to hold back the darkness.
  • Survive and you will grow in power and ability, and be sent on more difficult, dangerous and intricate assignments.
  • Includes updated core rules combined with character-building elements first presented in Temple of Madness.
  • Featuring a dozen new pieces of art from Barrett Stanley,
  • New ‘Challenge Levels’ for all the scenarios can be used when playing with 3 or 4 rangers to ramp up the difficulty, or if you want to replay the scenario with a higher-level Ranger.
  • Includes the first supplement for the game, Burning Light. The Rangers’ must venture to a ruined convent, searching for an ancient artefact. As they choose what order to explore the ruins, they must gather clues to the artefact’s location. But they must be quick, for the longer they remain, the more the forces of the Shadow Deep become aware of their presence.

This book contains the rules only, requires a couple of twenty-sided dice, a deck of standard playing cards, inch ruler and miniatures to play! Rangers of Shadow Deep was previously only available through DriveThruRPG and has been a huge hit with roleplayers and miniature gamers alike with its narrative-driven gameplay.

Star Trek Adventures: Gamma Quadrant

$32.99 SRP

The Gamma Quadrant Sourcebook provides Gamemasters and Players with a wealth of information to aid in playing characters or running adventures set within the ever-expanding Star Trek universe.

The Gamma Quadrant Sourcebook contains:
  • Information on the Federation’s relationship with the Dominion and other Gamma Quadrant denizens, as of 2375.
  • Material about the Dominion and its history, structure, and culture; including information on many of its member worlds, allies, and enemies.
  • Detailed information about the brutal Dominion War, from its beginnings as a cold war to open conflict involving billions of beings.
  • A dozen new alien species to choose from during character creation, including the Dosi, Lurians, S’ona, Wadi, and the Changelings!
  • A selection of starships from the Dominion and S’ona, as well as several notable wartime Federation vessels.
  • Guidance for the Gamemaster on running missions and continuing voyages in the Gamma Quadrant and on the front line, along with a selection of new Non-Player Characters to enhance encounters.

More March Releases from Modiphius
MUH051993Crystal Heart$40.00
MUH051947Odyssey of the Dragonlords GM Screen and Map$24.00
MUH051814Fallout: Wasteland Warfare: Super Mutants Overlord & Fist$29.00
MUH051813Fallout: Wasteland Warfare: Super Mutants Skirmishers$34.00

Order by Date: March 1, 2020
Release Date: April 2020

Dishonored RPG Core Book

$39.99 SRP

In Dishonored: The Roleplaying Game, players delve into the turbulent Empire of the Isles, to tell stories of occult lore, intrigue and drama. The Dishonored Corebook contains all the rules and background information you need to kickstart your adventure.

This officially licensed core book features:
  • An introduction to the Empire of the Isles, and an in-depth look at its history, its people and the struggles they face.
  • A step-by-step guide to play the role of the Protagonists: from grim assassins and rugged criminals, to intrepid explorers and stoic crown loyalists.
  • A host of antagonists and a myriad different storyhooks to inspire you, from the harsh, cold lands of Tyvia to sunny Karnaca.
  • Insight on the strange nature of the Void, as well as rules to harness the its reality-bending powers.
  • "The Oil Trail", a mini-campaign in four acts that serves as a perfect introduction to the City of Dunwall.

Order by Date: April 1, 2020
Release Date: April 2020

Fallout: Wasteland Warfare: Super Mutants Behemoth

$85.00 SRP

The Behemoth is the largest & strongest of the Super Mutants towering over any regular humanoid armed with a fire hydrant with a shopping cart slung over its back. Requires some assembly. Supplied unpainted.

  • 1 Super Mutant Behemoth
  • 1 Scenic base

Fallout: Wasteland Warfare: Sentry Bot

$28.00 SRP

Armed with a mix of heavy weapons and powerful melee attacks, backed up by an all terrain platform and thick armour, the Sentry Bot was the last line in security. These hulking Robots remain a rarierty in the Wasteland but can still be found in some Military Installations or even protecting the homes of the rare wealthy families who somehow survived the destruction of civilised society. This boxed set contains one 32mm scale multi-part high quality unpainted resin Robot miniature with a unique scenic base, to allow players to expand their Fallout: Wasteland Warfare games.

  • 1 Sentry Bot
  • 1 Scenic base

More April Releases from Modiphius
ItemDescriptionSRPStk Avail
MUH051726Fallout: Wasteland Warfare: Military Barricades$21.00
MUH051728Fallout: Wasteland Warfare: Weapons Upgrade Pack$11.00
MUH051773Fallout: Wasteland Warfare: Deathclaw$28.00
MUH051774Fallout: Wasteland Warfare: Terrain Exp. Settlement Workbench$28.00
MUH051775Fallout: Wasteland Warfare: Junk Barricades$26.00
MUH051781Fallout: Wasteland Warfare: Terrain Exp. Crashed Vertibird$65.00SOO
MUH051819Fallout: Wasteland Warfare: Vault Tec Lockers$13.00
MUH051918Fallout: Wasteland Warfare: Boston Street Scatter$15.00
MUH051919Fallout: Wasteland Warfare: Boston Searchables$10.00
MUH051920Fallout: Wasteland Warfare: Cases and Crates$13.00
MUH051970Fallout: Wasteland Warfare: Terrain Expansion Turrets$20.00
MUH051971Fallout: Wasteland Warfare: Terrain Expansion Corvega Sedan$26.00
MUH051972Fallout: Wasteland Warfare: Terrain Expansion Nuka Cola Machines$23.00
MUH051973Fallout: Wasteland Warfare: Terrain Expansion Vault Tec Supplies$119.00SOO
MUH051974Fallout: Wasteland Warfare: Terrain Expansion Radioactive Containers$11.00
MUH051975Fallout: Wasteland Warfare: Terrain Expansion Terminals$11.00
MUH051976Fallout: Wasteland Warfare: Terrain Expansion Heavy Consoles$16.00

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