Friday, July 26, 2019

Infinity: PanOceania & Liminal Roleplaying—New from Modiphius!

Order by Date: August 1, 2019
Release Date: September 2019

Infinity: PanOceania

$20.00 SRP

PanOceania.The Hyperpower. Life at the top of the G5 Nations ensures a certain amount of privilege and power. It also brings it fair share of enemies. Born from an Intercontinental alliance on Old Earth that pioneered the race to the stars. PanOceania has led the transhuman revolution without once ever looking back. Stewards of no less than three entire star systems and numerous colonies on several other worlds the hyperpower is also the largest proponent of ALEPH, their policies set by lobbies, and their faith guided by the Church, most PanOceanians soak up glamourous holovids depicting the herculean might of the latest cutting edge TAGS or the glorious charge of powered armoured Knights and bask in the sanctity of their technological superiority. Scratch beneath the surface of neon and chrome, however and all is not as harmonious as the Mayacasts would have you believe. On the ocean planet Varuna, Libertos fight even more violently to free themselves from a subversive occupation, whilst all across PanOceania’s territories dispossessed ATAKs struggle for recognition from an interstellar institution that refuses to acknowledge their existence. Details on the tree key star Systems that are home to the PanOceanians Focussed lifepaths that allow players to immerse themselves in the diverse aspects of the Hyperpower. A treatise on the Healots.

Order by Date: September 1, 2019
Release Date: October 2019 

Liminal Roleplaying

$50.00 SRP

Liminal is a self-contained tabletop roleplaying game about those on the boundary between the modern day United Kingdom and the Hidden World- the world of secret societies of magicians, a police division investigating Fortean crimes, fae courts, werewolf gangs, and haunted places where the walls between worlds are thin. The players portray Liminals - those who stand between the mortal and magical realms, with ties to each.

Examples of Liminals include:
  • A magician who acts as a warden to protect unaware mortals from supernatural menaces;
  • Someone of mysterious birth who is perhaps half Fae. In any case they are caught up in Faerie politics whether they like it or not.
  • A burglar who steals supernatural relics.
  • A werewolf who still has many ties to ordinary people.
  • A dhampir, striving to do good despite their vampiric infection.
  • A mortal detective who knows some of the real strangeness out there.

The magical world has a basis in British and Irish folklore and legends, along with ghost stories and modern day popular takes on the supernatural in fiction. Inspirations from fiction include the "real world" fantasy novels of Ben Aaranovitch, Jim Butcher, Emma Bull, Susanna Clarke, Harry Connolly, Charles de Lint, Neil Gaiman, Benedict Jacka, and Helene Wecker.

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