Friday, October 5, 2018

New November releases from Osprey!

Order by Date: October 1, 2018
Street Date: November 20, 2018

Bolt Action: Campaign: Battle of France
$30.00 SRPThe Battle of France saw German forces sweep across the Low Countries and towards Paris, crushing Allied resistance in just six weeks. From Fall Gelb and the British withdrawal from Dunkirk to the decisive Fall Rot, this new supplement for Bolt Action allows players to take command of the bitter fighting for France, and to refight the key battles of this campaign. Linked scenarios and new rules, troop types, and Theatre Selectors offer plenty of options for novice and veteran players alike.

Author: Warlord Games
Illustrator: Peter Dennis
144 page soft cover
Wildlands: The Unquiet Dead
$30.00 SRP
Across the Wildlands the word is spreading - the dead are rising, swords in hand.

Drawn to the life-giving power of the crystal shards, a gang of undead nightmares have taken to the battlefield. This ghoulish team can replace one of the existing factions, with the unique mechanic of shared activation offering an aggressive new playstyle, or they can be played using the new 'Encounter' rules as monstrosities that can be controlled by any player, flooding the board as the battle rages.

Requires a copy of Wildlands to play.

6 unique miniatures
30+ cards
Heroes of Telemark: Sabotaging Hitler's Atomic Bomb, Norway 1942–44
$20.00 SRP
In May 1941, the Norwegian Section of SOE received a dossier warning of the dangers of a hydroelectric fertiliser plant in Norway. Vemork produced heavy water, an essential part of making plutonium for nuclear weapons. When the Germans overran Norway the entire stock had been smuggled out of the country, but the plant was intact and soon producing heavy water again, destined for the German nuclear programme.

Despite the difficulties of getting to and operating in such a remote, hostile area, SOE decided it had to destroy the plant. Six ski-borne commandos had the task of slipping past 300 heavily armed guards and passing through a ravine the Germans thought impassable.

Fully illustrated with stunning new commissioned artwork, this is the thrilling story of the daring Norwegian-led SOE raid that prevented Hitler from building an atomic bomb.

Author: David Greentree
Illustrator: Mark Stacey and Peter Dennis
Soft cover
More November Releases from Osprey
ItemDescriptionSRPStk Avail
OSPANT003USS Iowa$60.00SOO
OSPCAM329Mutina 43 BC: Mark Antony's Struggle for Survival$24.00
OSPCAM330Tsushima 1905: Death of a Russian Fleet$24.00
OSPCOM126B-25 Mitchell Units of the CBI$23.00
OSPDUE090USN Fleet Destroyer vs IJN Fleet Submarine: The Pacific 1941–43$20.00
OSPELI225Roman Heavy Cavalry (1): Cataphractarii and Clibanarii, 1st Century BC–5th Century AD$19.00
OSPGNM277Pacific Thunder: The US Navy's Central Pacific Campaign, August 1943–October 1944$15.00
OSPGNM278Wings of the Rising Sun: Evaluating Captured Japanese Aircraft$35.00SOO
OSPGNM338Soviet T-54 Main Battle Tank$35.00SOO
OSPNVG264South American Battleships 1908–59: Brazil, Argentina and Chile's Great Dreadnought Race$18.00
OSPWPN065Sterling Submachine Gun$20.00

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