Monday, July 30, 2018

New September releases from Osprey!

Order by Date: August 1, 2018
Street Date: September 18, 2018

Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago: Gods of Fire

$25.00 SRP

In the shifting labyrinth of the Ghost Archipelago, there is one group of islands that can almost always be found; the Islands of Fire. Surrounded by a grey haze of sooty smoke, the islands contain numerous active volcanoes. Despite the constant threat of annihilation, many tribal groups call these islands home, building their villages on the rocky slopes or in the black jungles of gnarled and stunted trees that surround the mountains.

In this supplement for Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago, the Heritors lead their crew to these blighted isles in search of clues to the location of the Crystal Pool. Containing a host of new scenarios, crewmen types, creatures, and treasure, this volume also includes guidelines for building unique tribes to use as adversaries in scenarios or as allies to the Heritors in their quest.

Author: Joseph A. McCullough
Illustrators: Dmitry Burmak and Kate Burmak


$35.00 SRP

You've studied the footage, connected the dots, and gathered what meagre evidence you could. You're close - soon the whole world will know the truth behind the Cryptid. A group of like-minded cryptozoologists have come together to finally uncover the elusive creature, but the glory of discovery is too rich to share. Without giving away some of what you know you will never succeed in locating the beast, but reveal too much and your name will be long forgotten!

Cryptid is a unique deduction game of honest misdirection in which players must try to uncover information about their opponent's clues while throwing them off the scent of their own. Each player holds one piece of evidence to help them find the creature, and on their turn they can try to gain more information from their opponents. Be warned - give too much away and your opponents might beat you to the mysterious animal and claim the glory for themselves!

The game includes a modular board, five clue books, and a deck of setup cards with hundreds of possible setups across two difficulty levels. It is also supported by an entirely optional digital companion, allowing for faster game setup and a near-infinite range of puzzles.

3-5 players
Ages 10+
30-50 minute play time

  • 5 player booklets
  • 6 board pieces
  • 60 cards, tokens & counters

The Lost Expedition: The Fountain of Youth and Other Adventures

$22.00 SRP

The Fountain of Youth and Other Adventures expands Peer Sylvester’s bestselling The Lost Expedition with four new, modular additions to the core game. In The Fountain of Youth and Other Adventures Francisco de Orellana and his band of conquistadors traveled deep into the Amazon and were never seen again. Centuries later, unbelievable reports of men clad in ancient armour armed with sword and arquebus have surfaced. If the rumors are true, de Orellana found the Fountain of Youth and guards it dearly….

Other reports have emerged from the area of a mysterious mountain deep in the jungle, pulling planes crashing down from the sky. There are whispers, too, of a dark curse that the locals only call the Mark. For those foolhardy enough to still journey into the depths of the continent, they best not travel alone.

With art by Garen Ewing, who created the fantastic art for the original game, The Fountain of Youth and Other Adventures will appeal to players who enjoyed The Lost Expedition and are looking for a new challenge, as well as anyone new to the game.

1-5 players
Ages 14+
30-50 minute play time

  • 4 Character cards
  • 18 Adventure cards
  • 10 Terrain cards

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