Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Pictomania! New from Czech Games Edition!

Release Date: Q2 2018

$19.95 SRP

Is she drawing an elk or a moose? Is he drawing a pegasus or a unicorn?

There's no time to draw a complex masterpiece. Players sketch the essence of the word with a few quick lines, and try to guess the others' drawings while there's still time.

Pictomania is the drawing game where everybody draws and everybody guesses - all at the same time! And now it's even better. All the word cards have been revised for this new edition with a brand new look.

  • 30 scoring tokens in 6 colors
  • 6 black scoring tokens
  • 42 guessing cards in 6 colors
  • 13 black cards
  • 2 card holders
  • 99 double sided word cards in 4 difficulty levels
  • Rulebook

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