Monday, April 30, 2018

New 5th Edition Adventures and Castles & Crusades Releases From Troll Lord Games!

Order by Date: May 1, 2018
Release Date: June 2018

5th Edition Adventures: Giant's Rapture (5th Ed. D&D Adv.)
$9.99 SRP

Eurich Gunshoff IV, Count of Kleaves, is beset by powerful enemies. The King to the north has laid waste his holdings beyond the Tot River and even now threatens the river castles. Only the coming winter holds him at bay, giving the Count time, if only a little, to muster his strength.

Long have the people of Kleaves worshiped the gods of the south, and it is to these people that he turns, striking a bargain with the powerful King of Kaymor. In exchange for a precious gift the Kayomarese promise to aid Eurich and his people, but it is Eurich’s charge to deliver the prize. He can spare few troops, and with spies all about he cannot be too careful. The prize he sets in a wagon in a caravan and as escort he calls upon those who dwell upon the fringes of society, adventurers who seek fame, gold and glory. They are charged to cross the wilderness and deliver the wagons safely. But the road is fraught with danger. Walls of stone block the road and winter upon the open plains carries dangers beyond the biting cold. But more than stone and frost, the end promises fire without comfort. Designed in 3 parts Giant’s Rapture offers overland travel, dungeon, and intrigue and pits the character’s wits against the open road and one another. This adventure is designed for 4-8 characters of mid-levels. Overland.

TLG193185th Edition Adventures: C1 - The Mortality of Green (5th Ed. D&D Adv.)

$9.99 SRP

Tis said of that ancient brooding forest that even before the world grew accustomed to the light of day, that her stems were grown high and her eves already dark and contemplative. If ever those ancient trees have pondered, however, then it was in silent expectancy, brooding on a bent that only they and perhaps a few others may know, for it has never been theirs to speak with vocal tongue. Mayhap they ponder simple things, or maybe they wonder on the many creatures which have come to crawl the earth since those days before days, for all manner of beasts and monsters have come from the outlands to slip into obscurity underneath the shadowy vale of the Darkenfold. The Mortality of Green is designed to be a fast-paced adventure wherein the characters are thrown into the immediate pursuit of a brigand troll. The troll, Quagmire, has stolen a young sapling from the druid Cornelius and fled into the forest. The characters must rescue the sapling before it is planted in the ground. Failure to do so results in the sapling’s corruption and probable demise. The Morality of Green offers enough introductory material to the region to offer any innovative game master plenty of adventure hooks and story lines to keep the players engaged in adventures far beyond those prescribed by this given adventure. Furthermore, there are several small adventures encapsulated within these pages in Gnomish Dreams, The Broken Vale and The Fisherman to offer the Game Master and players plenty of distraction. Look for more adventures based on the region from the Shelves of the Mist to the Eldwood and the southern seas where the White Order holds sway. This adventure is designed for 4-8 characters of 3-5 levels. Overland.

The Hallowed Oracle (C&C Adv.)

$19.99 SRP 

There are faerie tales that grandmothers tell children around the table or before the warm embers of a crackling fire; tales of the old world, tales of giants, and the heroes who fought them, of dragons and beasts of wild abandon. Some tales end happily, though others are dark and promise misery and death. But for the most part they are just stories. But once in a great while, these stories are all too real. Tales of legends, mostly forgotten, spoke of the Hallowed Oracle, the prophecy of the Abyss Walker and of the unleashing of hell itself upon the mortal realms. Plunge into the land of Terrigan where legends promise to walk and a band of young adventurers becomes entangled in fate, destined to play a role for good or ill in the mysterious fate of the Abyss Walker. Enter a wild chase across the known world, battling ancient cults, tribes of wererats, defending keeps, and seeking this mysterious Hallowed Oracle, all the while trying to unravel the mystery of its prophecy. Just who or what is the Abyss Walker, and who is destined to help, or stop its rise…? It all starts with the recovery of a trinket, a mysterious sage, and a blue book. A low to mid-level adventure for a party of 3-6 characters. Playable as a standalone campaign or part of a larger series.

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