Monday, January 30, 2017

New from Daily Magic Games! Villages of Valeria and Guild Halls & Monuments Expansion Packs!

Release Date: February 24, 2017

Villages of Valeria: Guild Halls Pack

$5.00 SRP

Guild Halls introduces 4 new buildings - 1 for each type. When built, a Guild Hall will reward the player with Victory Points if they have the most of that Guild Hall's building type.

Guild Halls also introduces rapid-recruit Adventurers that only require 1 building type icon in your village to recruit. They offer some quick but low points and immediate rewards.

Guild Halls will build upon the Event cards mechanic. Skeletons, Jesters, and more!

Villages of Valeria: Monuments Pack

$5.00 SRP

Monuments introduces hard to build Monuments to the game. When built, Monuments will bring a lot of Victory Points to your Village, but be sure to keep an eye on the end conditions because someone might end the game before you have a chance to complete your construction!

  • 8 new monuments
  • 4 new adventurers
  • Rules reference 

Available Now!

Villages of Valeria

$25.00 SRP

Villages of Valeria is a village-building card game in which players establish resources, construct buildings, and attract adventurers to become the next capital city of Valeria. Take on the role of a Duke in the vast and beautiful kingdom of Valeria and, on your turn, lead the table by selecting an Action - Harvest, Develop, Build, Recruit, or Tax - for everyone to perform while you get a slight advantage for being the Active Player.

Villages of Valeria is a stand alone game set in the world of Valeria and takes place just before the hordes of monsters invade the kingdom in Valeria: Card Kingdoms.

1-5 players
Ages 14+
45-60 play time 

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