Sunday, May 15, 2016

New from Steamforged Games! Guild Ball: Hunters!

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The Hunters are patient. They silently watch and wait until the perfect time to pounce.
When they strike, it is with swift decisiveness and devastating results, before slipping back into the shadows.

Extraordinarily mobile and with a dangerous ranged threat on both life and the goal,
the Hunters excel at controlling the flow of the game and piling pressure on their opponents.

The Hunters make the Guild Ball pitch a dangerous place to play. Traps and pitfalls snare unwary opponents, leaving them vulnerable and exposed to a swift knife-cut to finish them off. Lacking remorse or compassion, their opponents are only prey after all;
the Hunters bring a wild new playstyle to the worlds of Guild Ball.

All Guild Ball miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.

Guild Ball: Hunters: Chaska (Season 2)
$21.99 SRP

Chaska is a 30mm model who includes three trap markers in his blister. This allows players to have everything they need to field this model and use all of his devastating abilities!


Guild Ball: Hunters: Seenah (Season 2)
$34.99 SRP

Seenah is a 50mm model who is without a doubt one of the biggest models in the range. This great bear comes stomping onto the playing field for the Hunter’s Guild, not as a mascot but as a full blown player! 


Guild Ball: Hunter Dice
$16.50 SRP

Proudly display your loyalties to the cunning Hunter’s Guild with these stunning marbled dice! 

The Hunter’s Dice pack includes 10 marbled dice with the Hunter’s Guild symbol marked in place of the “6”.

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