Sunday, July 26, 2015

New from L99 Games! Pixel Tactics 4 and 5!

Coming in September!
Pixel Tactics 4
$15.00 SRP

Pixel Tactics 4 expands upon the already solid base of the Pixel Tactics franchise with the new Trap mechanic. Traps can aid you against both offensive and defensive strategies with effects that range from stopping Attacks made against your Unit to instantly killing an opponent’s newly recruited Hero. With this new mechanic your opponent is sure to watch their step. 

Made in China.

Pixel Tactics 5
$15.00 SRP

Pixel Tactics 5 is all about specialists. “Specialist” cards focus heavily on one specific game mechanic, and while they lack options, they make up for it in pure card strength. Pixel Tactics 5 offers a wide variety of “specialist” cards, from rush-down style leaders, to heroes that can pick apart your opponent’s hand. Focus your strategy, overwhelm the opposition, win. 

Made in China.

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