Friday, May 1, 2015

New Zombicide products from Cool Mini or Not!

Street Date: June 1st!
Zombicide: Murder of Crowz
$19.99 SRP

Being scavengers, crows ate things they should have avoided and turned infected too, like zombies. These murders of crows are really nasty small flying pests, so small they can enter everywhere, so fast they’re on you in seconds and quickly rip you apart.

All Zombicide miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.

Zombicide: Rue Morgue Tile Pack
$29.99 SRP

Zombicide Season 3: Rue Morgue brings players back into the Zombicide universe a few months after the previous games! The world is even more worn down. Buildings are dilapidated, food is scarce, and, most importantly, medicine is in short supply.

Rue Morgue’s tiles range from city streets and helipads to hospital hallways and outbreak tents that could be swarming with zombies! 

Zombicide: John Kovalic Characters
$24.99 SRP

“There’s another one coming out of the sewer! HUZZAH! It must be mine!”

“I live my life by the Muskrat Way. And right now, those zombies are in the way.”

This Special Guest box includes four very unusual Survivors: Matt, Gilly, Igor and Carson. They each have a Survivor figure and player dashboard (there is no Zombivor version of these characters).

This expansion was designed by John Kovalic who has been writing and drawing in the gaming industry professionally for 20 years. John is best known for the comic strip Dork Tower, and games like APPLES TO APPLES and MUNCHKIN. 

Zombicide: Lucio Parrillo Characters
$24.99 SRP

“Blessed be the undead, for they have inherited the earth.”
-- Brother Max, the Monk

Brother Max’ monastery was destroyed during the zombie outbreak and the rampage that followed. Scrounging weapons from the rubble, he emerged for the first time in years to face the world. Brother Max views the zombie outbreak as the start of the Apocalypse and believes that the zombies are rising from the dead and are therefore holy. By blowing their heads off he is sending them to Heaven where they belong. Brother Max’ religious fervor makes him an excellent fighter, although his zeal to send as many zombies to Heaven as possible can be unnerving.

“At least I don’t have to worry about price tags anymore.”
-- Donna, the Fashionista

Donna has always had superior taste. Her sense of art, music, and especially clothing was far superior to more pedestrian intellects. Unfortunately, she had zero talent for craftsmanship. She had the eye, but the ability always eluded her. Still, she made a decent living as a consultant, especially for a number of B-grade martial arts films. She was on the set when the zombie apocalypse began, surrounded by elegant weapons. While Donna hasn’t quite gotten used to the grunge and squalor of Survivor living, she has found one bright side: She has her pick of clothes. The zombies are almost an aside when they stand between her and particularly elegant evening wear. Any Survivor groups are guaranteed to improve their image, just by having her around.

Street Date: July 1st!
Zombicide: Angry Neighbors Tile Pack
$19.99 SRP

Set at the same time as Rue Morgue, buildings have crumbled and roads have collapsed. Now gaping holes litter the city’s streets! With poor decision making you may find your survivors slowed down in these holes, and with a wrong move you may just end up in zombie filled pit from hell!

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