Wednesday, January 15, 2014

New from Yemaia Games! Al Rashid!

Coming in February!

Al Rashid
$65.00 SRP

Harun al-Rashid was the fifth Great Caliph of the Abbasid Dynasty, and he ruled over the Middle East between the years 786 and 809. His reign was full of prosperity in all areas, like culture, science and politics. His life and his famous court are said to be the inspiration for the “One Thousand and One Nights” collection of folk stories.  This game allows you to play the role of a faction whose life, trade and intrigues have only one purpose: to grow rich and powerful, and to ensure the favor of the mighty ruler.

In Al Rashid, players will take the role of the heads of powerful families, and will use the members of their families for trading, traveling, and ultimately trying to exercise influence over the court of the powerful ruler. Of course, there are costs to sustain, so you will also have to turn part of your efforts to the trade of luxury wares: a profitable, albeit dangerous, activity! Will you have what it takes to turn the court in your favor?

Al Rashid is a strategy game of trade, intrigue and power play for 2-5 players.

48 “Title” Tiles
16 “Credit Note” Tiles
24 “Political Influence Token” Tiles
14 “Dishonor Token” Tiles
20 White “Silk” Luxury Ware Tokens
25 Orange “Spice” Luxury Ware Tokens
30 Purple “Pottery” Luxury Ware Tokens
15 “Pasha” Pawns (3 per faction, 5 different colors)
20 “Merchant” Pawns (4 per faction, 5 different colors)

30 “Sage” Pawns (cylindrical: 6 per faction, 5 different colors)
6 Wooden Markers (for keeping track of gaming order and turns)
11 “Crisis” Tiles (3 black “Setup” tiles, 8 white “Turn” tiles)
32 Red “Mercenary” Tiles
32 Blue “Mercenary” Tiles
1 Game Board
1 Rulebook 

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