Saturday, January 11, 2014

New from Blue Panther! Rasputin!

Coming in February!

$45.00 SRP

Although all players share the same target, this is not a cooperative game and your opponents will prove to be an even greater threat than Rasputin’s personal guards.

Each player customizes their standard deck of 50 cards down to a lean set of 25 and then uses their cards to help execute their strategy, avoiding the guards, whose actions can be influenced by a crafty player. Both the guards and Rasputin are constantly on the move, looking for assassins. Success in the game relies on your ability to balance the cards in your hand versus the board positions of yourself, your opponents, the guards and Rasputin.

Featuring 236 cards, full color laser-cut standup figures and an elegant board.

2-4 players
45-75 minute play time

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