Monday, December 30, 2019

Thunderstone Quest: What Lies Beneath—New from Alderac!

Order by Date: January 9, 2020
Street Date: January 31, 2020

Thunderstone Quest: What Lies Beneath

$39.99 SRP

Thunderstone Keep is under attack!

The foul creatures that have made the Keep’s sewers their home are being driven to the surface by something far more frightening.

This expansion follows the events of the Ripples in Time Quest. Just what did the Eruption unearth in the ancient darkness beneath your feet?

Requires base game and requires Thunderstone Quest: Barricades Mode for cooperative play.

  • 294 cards
  • 6 Dungeon Room Tiles
  • 2 Prestige Class Boards
  • Randomizers
  • Dividers

Available Now!

Thunderstone Quest

$79.99 SRP

Thunderstone Quest is the smash hit deckbuilding game of dungeon adventure. Assemble your party in this critically-acclaimed third iteration of Thunderstone. Explore the dungeon, fight monsters, collect treasure, complete side quests, join guilds, more in this massive and engaging fantasy experience.

2-4 players
Ages 14+
60-90 minute play time

Thunderstone Quest: Barricades

$39.99 SRP

The various threats surrounding Thunderstone Keep have gotten wise to the Champions and their parties raiding their Dungeons and foiling their plans.

So they’ve brought the fight to your doorstep. Barricades presents a new, cooperative way to play Thunderstone Quest, in which the Champions work together to defend the Keep from an endless onslaught of monsters, led by the biggest bad guys around.

Barricades Mode expands Thunderstone Quest to be played by 1-6 players, cooperatively.

  • 2 Starter Decks and Player Boards
  • 20 Adventurers
  • 30 Curse Cards
  • 8 Prestige Class Boards
  • Wilderness Tile
  • 8 Guardian Tiles
  • 16 Guardian Dice
  • 28 Guardian Guide Cards
  • Marketplace Overlay Tile
  • 5 Barricade Overlay Tiles
  • Destruction Chit Bag with Chits

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