Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Now Carrying—Twogether Studios!

Release Date: October 2019

Phoenix: Dawn Command RPG

$49.00 SRP

A fantasy role playing game with a unique card-based resolution system that drives action and storytelling. Comes with everything you need for a game master and players up to four; including a seven-mission adventure path you can run right out of the box! From Dan Garrison and Keith Baker (Gloom, Eberron) - where death is not your characters end. 


$35.00 SRP

If you've ever enjoyed hearts, bridge, or gin Illimat will feel both familiar and like nothing you've played before. Designed by Keith Baker in partnership with the band The Decemberists. 

Illimat: The Crane Wife

$16.00 SRP

An expansion to Illimat featuring additional luminary cards, metal tokens, an a cloth bag, and rules variants. 

Action Pups

$19.95 SRP

A family friendly party game where you compete to tell the secret life story of a dog. A perfect game to gather around and unplug for some creative, light-hearted and fuzzy fun. 

Action Cats!

$20.00 SRP

A storytelling game from the creator of Gloom where you compete the tell the secret life story of a cat. Features 170 pictures of cats. 

Actions Cats!: Blank Card Expansion

$5.00 SRP

A 25 card expansion to Action Cats that lets you make personalized cards. 

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