Thursday, December 27, 2018

New January releases from Surfin' Meeple!

Order by Date: January 1, 2019
Release Date: January 2019

Meeple Circus The Wild Animal and Aerial
$18.00 SRP

On the program, lions, wild bears, and the breathtaking talents of Otto the acrobat and Luna the tightrope walker! Each player starts the game with three acrobats: a blue, a yellow and a red (instead of a blue and a yellow in the basic version). New demands from the public are added and new challenges appear!

For a more difficult game, this expansion will have advanced rules.

  • 4 new guest stars (Fielder, Tightrope Walker, Lion, Bear)
  • 5 red acrobats
  • 8 new public demand cards
  • 8 new challenges
  • 4 Fun
  • 4 Technique
  • 14 stickers
  • Rules for experts

Room 25 VIP
$18.00 SRP

The most dangerous TV show ever comes back with a new game play.

A Very Important Person is coming to upset everything. As with the suspicion mode in the Ultimate expansion, the VIP is part of the team of prisoners; he is revealed after the roles distribution.

Forced to move, the VIP does not program his actions, thus becoming a dangerous and subtle player.

Offering 5 new exclusive rooms, this audacious expansion for Room 25 is waiting for you to honor its VIP.

  • 40 Room 25 sleeves
  • VIP coin
  • 5 Room tiles
  • 2 rooms to cut

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