Thursday, November 15, 2018

Masks: Unbound! New from Magpie Games!

Order by Date: November 15, 2018
Street Date: December 6, 2018

Masks: Unbound
$19.99 SRP

Unbound is a supplement for Masks: A New Generation, a tabletop roleplaying game in which you play young superheroes in a city with a multigenerational history of superheroic deeds, crises, and champions. 

This supplement details new playbooks and playsets for Masks: A New Generation, including:
New limited edition playbooks, along with advice for using them in your game, including The Harbinger, The Nomad, and The Scion.
Two new playsets that allow you to take your game of Masks into all new directions, including a galactic road trip to stop Lord Ominous from ending reality and a school-themed adventure set in the Phoenix Academy. 

Masks: A New Generation make use of the same rules-light engine as Apocalypse World, Monsterhearts, Urban Shadows, and Epyllion to create stories about young superheroes in the vein of Young Justice, Young Avengers, and Teen Titans. Unbound opens up the world of Masks to new "What If..." stories that take players to the far reaches of the cosmos, the dark streets of a crime-ridden metropolis, the most famous school in Halcyon City’s history, or the fledgling rebellion against alien oppressors.

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