Tuesday, April 11, 2017

New products from NSKN Games!

Street Date: May 14, 2017

Simurgh Call of the Dragonlord

$39.99 SRP
Time to stand against our enemies is almost upon us. Following a seemingly insignificant tremor, one of the inner walls of the library collapsed, revealing a hidden chamber filled with ancient scrolls of wisdom and power. Among them the scholars found a map showing the way to the First City – a forgotten metropolis reputed to had been built atop the Tomb of Muratan the Dragonlord himself, and now a new target for the Noble Houses locked in a power struggle. Whose Wizard will show the most skill navigating the Forgotten Metropolis? Who will uncover Muratan's Legacy? Who will be the first to answer the Call of the Dragonlord?

Call of the Dragonlord is a premium modular expansion for Simurgh. Introducing a second board depicting the Forgotten Metropolis, Call of the Dragonlord also adds two new types of Vassals: the Wizard and the Rogue, and a total of 8 new modules that can be added to the base game of Simurgh one by one, or in various combinations.

As an addition to each player's workforce, the Wizard can be used separately, or in conjunction with the new board. With the Forgotten Metropolis in play, players will move their Wizards on three different tracks, each providing Power Points and resources, but each also incurring its own costs.

Apart from expanding the pool of Resource, Transformation, Exploration, Research and Objective Tiles, the expansion also introduces Leadership Tiles – a new type of Action Tiles that may be added to the base game without using any other expansion elements. With Action Spaces allowing for movement of multiple Vassals in one turn, Leadership Tiles add unexpected mobility to Vassal movement.

2-5 players
Ages 12+
Additional 30 minute play time to base game 

Street Date: May 31, 2017

Mistfall Sand and Snow

$19.99 SRP
The stakes are high and the war against the Mists has never been so fierce! New perils awaken in the shadows, and new allies rise up to help heroes face them.

Arm yourself with new gear, find new companions to stand by you in the great conflict, face a new type of enemy, and endure vicious twists of fate, as you once again stand against the greatest foe.

Are you brave enough to enter the lands of Sand and Snow?

Sand & Snow is an expansion that enhances Mistfall and/or Heart of the Mists with a set of 110 brand new cards, which can be added to any of one of the sets (or when using both).

The expansion introduces a new type of card: the Event. These doublesided cards are similar to Encounters, but offer a new way to make the game more challenging, but also to help players in key moments to win the day.

Heroes will also encounter a Enemy type: the Lieutenant which, when eliminated, allows players to take a Reward card right out of the display. Most Enemies appearing in Mistfall and Heart of the Mists have their Lieutenant version in the Sand and Snow expansion.

Sand & Snow also includes new Allies, as well as a set of new General Rewards that can be added to the existing pool to make the game more varied, and to arm Heroes with new and powerful abilities.

1-4 players
Ages 13+ 

Release Date: June 14, 2017

Heroes of Mistfall Miniatures Pack

$29.00 SRP
 From the icy lands of Valskyrr to the fiery deserts of Naar, legendary Heroes stand against the Mists and their horrifying minions. Hareag, Valkea, Sigraed, Elatha, Ardenai, Arani, Durgen, Venda, Fengray, Crow, Aseke, Celenthia, and Melekai; all the Heroes of the world of Mistfall are now at your grasp in this exclusive set of 13 finely detailed miniatures to be added to any of the Mistfall games as an accessory.

Heroes of Mistfall Miniatures Pack is an accessory that will enhance your Mistfall, Heart of the Mists and Shadowscape experience with a set of 13 unpainted detailed miniatures, combinable with all the board games from the Mistfall Universe.

Release Date: July 2017


$39.99 SRP
An ancient tale, spoken only in whispers, tells of a forbidden underworld crafted at the dawn of time. Some say that it is a plain completely overtaken by the Mists. Others believe that it is still the domain of the Nightfather, and his testing ground for those he chose to become his champions.

Awaken, pick up your sword and follow the whispers that guide you into the depths. But beware! Monsters and perils await, and in the madness of the labyrinth, you may even face shadows of those, who were once your companions!

Shadowscape is competitive/cooperative objective-based game of planning and skill, played in dungeon randomly built out of a set of different rooms. Players manage their tableau of skills and hands of fate cards to complete a set number of Nightfather's Whispers in order to win – alone or as a team.

Each turn players use double-sided Action Cards to move, search rooms and attack monsters (but not other players). Almost any Action can be boosted using symbols printed on Fate Cards, which also allow players to control enemies and manipulate the environment of the game.

Automated monster AI makes the game a varied and challenging experience both in its competitive, as well as cooperative mode. The cooperative mode also allows for solitaire play, with one player taking on the role of two or more Heroes trying to leave the dungeon of Shadowscape before the time runs out.

Shadowscape takes place in the Mistfall universe, once again brought to life by outstanding art by Enggar Adirasa, allowing players to take on the roles of iconic Heroes of both Mistfall and Heart of the Mists, and face the ruthless villains they know in a new and surprising game. 

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