Thursday, March 31, 2016

ACD Exclusive: Munchkin Monster Box with Exclusive Cover Art!

Coming in May – 1 Month Before the Monster Box
is Available Anywhere Else!  
Munchkin: Monster Box ACD Exclusive Cover
$29.95 SRP

Do you have a BIG Munchkin collection? Tired of carrying a dozen boxes to game night? Then bow before the Monster Box; perfect for all your Munchkin needs!

What can you do with a box the size of two Munchkin Deluxe boxes? You can store over 2,000 Munchkin cards in it! Also your Kill-O-Meter and your Level Playing Field! Oh, and some Dungeons and Seals! And...well, you get the idea. Wrap it all up in full-color Munchkin illustrations and you’ve got the Munchkin Monster Box!

Ages 10+

1 ACD Exclusive Monster Box (designed by Greg Hyland)
10 Promo Cards

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