Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New Offers from Pelgrane Press

Coming in September

Ashen Stars: Dead Rock Seven
$24.95 SRP
Dead Rock Sevenis a collection of four adventures for Ashen Stars from acclaimed writer Gareth Hanrahan (Arkham Detective Tales,Brief Cases, Invasive Procedures).

Over the course of these adventures, the lasers are hired to deal with problems as diverse as murders on an old asteroid mine, missing executives on a pleasure planet, and threats to the security of an interstellar cooking contest.

You can run these adventures as one-shots, as individual episodes in your own series, or in sequence as a self-contained mini-series.

Trail of Cthulhu: Out of Time
$24.95 SRP

Four critically acclaimed adventures for Trail of Cthulhu are now available in a single volume, with exclusive essays by the authors.

These are The Black Drop, Castle Bravo, The Big Hoodoo and Not So Quiet.

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