Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New Dystopian Wars Figures

Coming in September

DW: CoA Icarus Class Medium Flyer (2)
$16.49 SRP

The Icarus Flyer is an all round performer, with all arcs covered in secondary weapon systems. It has a single Main Turret (P) which has a 270 degree arc of fire, and it has the ability, like several other CoA models, to replace its Main Turret with an Energy Turret. Deployed in Squadrons of 2-3 models the Icarus is a headache for enemy commanders to deal with. 

DW: CoA Galen Class Escort (6)
$9.99 SRP

The Galen was originally designed as a vessel to provide a solid anti-aircraft defense, with its AA rating of 3, but after a couple of engagements War Master Schneider, commander in chief of the CoA military forces, demanded that the vessel be given an offensive rating. It now has a Single Fore Gun that can fire out to Range Band 2.

DW: CoA Plutarch Class Destroyer (3)
$11.99 SRP

Like all Destroyers in the world of Dystopian Wars the Plutarch is a pack hunter, designed to operate in Squadrons of 2-5 models, weapon systems combining to hunt and sink enemy models.

DW: CoA Prometheus Class Dreadnought
$23.49 SRP

At 275 points the Prometheus is everything a CoA commander would want: brutal and solidly built! This beast of war is armed with Main Turrets (P), Broadsides, a Particle Accelerator, Bombard and has the ability to swap out its Main Turrets for Energy based Turrets. The model has the choice of a built-in Disruption Generator or Shield Generator.

DW: CoA Callimachus Time Dilation Orb
$24.99 SRP

Lord Leonidas, Chief of Physics for the CoA, made an exciting discovery deep inside Wells Chasm during one of the mining operations intended to open up blocked corridors. In a room that was clearly scientific in nature, Leonidas discovered a vitriolic fluid that, when agitated with a powerful charge of energy, could literally impact time and, when the charge is powerful enough, also transport (teleport) objects. The device was named Callimachus, after the favorite Greek poet of Leonidas, and fitted into a modular mobile unit. Whilst the Orb has no offensive design (although military upgrades are under development), the disruption it can cause on a battlefield is what makes it popular with CoA commanders.

DW: FSA Washington Land Ship Waterlined
$19.99 SRP

The Washington Class Land Ship is one of very few aquatic tanks having been developed by the FSA to support amphibious landings. Its dual use and potent firepower make it a dangerous asset on the battlefield, while the high profile of its headquarters makes it a rallying point on the battlefield (note: this is the naval waterlined version of the model)

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