Monday, August 15, 2011

New Osprey Books part 2

August 23rd Street Date

P-40 Warhawk vs Bf 109
$17.95 SRP

Although the P-40 and the Bf 109 joined the air war over North Africa at nearly the same time in 1941, the German fighter had already racked up a considerable combat career, dating back to 1937 in Spain. In contrast, the P-40 was a bit of an unknown quantity and was making its combat debut in the hands of the RAF's Desert Air Force. Discover how the huge difference between the veteran BF 109 and the new P-40 determined tactics they adopted and the ultimate outcome of their epic confrontation in this new book. The author covers all aspects of the aerial battle, from the small, agile Bf 109’s ability to operate more effectively at high altitudes through to the P-40’s advantage in maneuverability, which outweighed its poor high altitude performance.

The Northern Ireland Troubles
$19.95 SRP

The British campaign in Northern Ireland remains one of the most controversial actions in recent history. This new book by Aaron Edwards considers the strategic, operational and tactical aspects of what become the longest ever campaign embarked upon by British troops. The 38-year campaign, codenamed Operation Banner, went through a number of phases. It began as a peacekeeping operation, morphed into a counter-insurgency operation and ending as a policing and counter-terrorism force. Banner was massive in scale. No less than 10,000 troops were on active service throughout the campaign and at one point as many as 30,000 men and women were deployed on Ulster’s streets. Drawing on extensive new research, this book presents an authoritative introduction to the ‘Troubles’, providing a strategic analysis of the successes and failures of the campaign.

Armies of the Napoleonic Wars
$24.95 SRP

The Napoleonic Wars saw almost two decades of brutal fighting, from the frozen wastelands of Russia to the wilderness of the Peninsular, and from Egypt to the bloody battlefield of Waterloo. Fighting took place on an unprecedented scale across Europe, and for almost two decades Napoleon led his Grand Armée and his allies against a varying coalition of nations. This book provides a comprehensive and beautiful guide to all the major armies of the Napoleonic Wars - France, Britain, Austria, Prussia, Russia, Spain and Portugal - as well as many of the minor powers. The changes in the armies, the organization, the infantry, cavalry, and artillery of each nation are detailed, along with stunning artwork of the often-glorious uniforms worn into battle.

Light Dragoons - A Regimental History
$18.95 SRP

Published with the full co-operation of the Light Dragoons Regimental Association and drawing on their extensive archives, this Osprey title provides an intimate history of what it has meant to be a cavalry trooper through the ages. First raised in the middle of the 18th century for scouting duties, the Light Dragoons soon acquired a reputation for courage and dash in the charge. The four Light Dragoons regiments that were eventually created served with Wellington throughout the Peninsular War and were with him at Waterloo. The 13th Light Dragoons were at the forefront of the famous Charge of the Light Brigade and they served throughout the extensive Victorian Empire. In World War I, they exchanged their horses and elaborate uniforms for the trenches of the Western Front. It was the start of a new beginning for the traditional cavalry regiments, which would continue in the Second World War when the 13th and 18th Hussars converted to armor and were the first Allied tanks to land on French soil in 1944. Today the Light Dragoons is an amalgamation of the four original cavalry regiments - the 13th, 15th, 18th and 19th - but retains all their proud traditions and remarkable fighting skills. Today 'England's Northern Cavalry' can just as easily be found serving on the frontline of Iraq or Afghanistan as they can performing ceremonial duties in the United Kingdom. This book reveals the history of this proud regiment, its numerous battle honors and famous medal recipients, but also gives a taste of what it was like to live and fight as a cavalry trooper both then and now. Fully illustrated with a number of unseen images from the regiment's own archive and including diary entries and letters from the frontline, this book is a fascinating short history of one of England's greatest historic regiments.

Roman Centurions 753-31 BC
$17.95 SRP

A detailed glimpse into the weapons, equipment and uniforms worn by Roman Centurions from the Roman Kingdom right through to the height of the Republic. Including new research, photographs of artifacts and the signature Men-at-Arms artwork, this is an essential addition to the series and includes several artwork reconstructions of actual named individuals and two lavish scenes depicting combat between Centurions and a Triumphal procession.

Italian Battleships of World War II
$17.95 SRP

Italy’s navy, the Regia Marina was the fourth-largest naval force in the world at the outbreak of World War II, and yet is often overlooked and largely discounted as ineffective. In general the fleet was made up of obsolete vessels, lacked radar functionality, and had a reputation for indiscipline and poorly trained crews. The complex and bureaucratic command system imposed on the fleet further hampered its effectiveness. In this book, Mark Stille details why the Italian battleships were able to maintain a solid reputation, examining their impressive designs and the courage and determination of the fleet at Calabria, Sirte, Cape Spartiveto and Cape Matapan, all illustrated with stunning photographs from the Italian Navy’s own archives.

Revenge of the 47 Ronin - Edo 1703, The
$18.95 SRP

When Lord Kira brought about the death of Lord Asano, he made Asano’s loyal samurai into ronin – masterless warriors. These men secretly plotted their revenge and one snowy winter’s night, launched an ambitious raid against their enemy’s mansion in Edo. What ensued was the fiercest sword battle to have been seen in Japan for over a century. The gates were stormed, Lord Kira was captured and executed, and his washed head placed on Lord Asano’s tomb. This title details the background, planning, and execution of this incredible raid, looking at the equipment used by the ronin, the tactics they employed in storming the building, and the dramatic events that followed, as the surviving ronin committed mass suicide – a final act of loyalty and defiance that sealed their legend.

French Foreign Legionnaire 1890-1914
$18.95 SRP

Following the close of the Franco-Prussian War and the establishment of the Third Republic, France embarked upon a new wave of colonialism, acquiring additional territories in Southeast Asia, including Tonkin and Annam which, together with Cambodia and Cochinchina, formed French Indochina. France needed an army to police these new territories, and one of the most important elements of their colonial establishment was the French Foreign Legion. Originally founded in 1830, the Legion saw some its finest hours in North Africa and Indochina in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and it is this period of the legions' history that has been immortalized in popular culture in works such as Beau Geste.

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